Walcker Positiv 6/I

Traction: fully mechanical
Casing: oak, varnished
Dimensions: 147 cm width, height 255 cm with sub bass 275 cm, total depth including pedal section klavaitur 196 cm.

The organ is currently stored in our shop where you may see it, the sales price includes the sale of the organ in completely restored condition without transport and installation.

Stop list

Manual C–f3

Gedackt 8' B / D
Prinzipal 4' B / D
Rohrflöte 4' B / D
Oktave 2' B / D
Mixtur 2-3 f

Pedal C–d1
Subbass 16'

Loops partitioning bei h°/c1

Sales price ex location

Price: 12.000.00 EUR
plus shipping
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