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Why should you conclude
a servicing contract for your organ?

Many people know that a musical instrument must be tuned every now and then. Moreover, it is only natural for any musician - guitar, flute or piano player - to also maintain his instrument, for only in its premium condition will the instrument give full expression to the player’s musical creativity.

Naturally, the „queen of instruments“, also requires a regular tuning and servicing, a fact which is often neglected. Other than its attractive outward appearance and its manifold acoustical beauty, the organ also has a complex technical structure, which reacts very sensitively to mechanical use, temperature changes, dust and dirt etc just like any other musical instrument. True enough, the expense of maintaining an instrument as large as an organ is quite high, yet it does compare to the service expense of heating and computer systems or the regular inspection cost of the beloved automobile. If you now consider the much greater value of an organ, the actual servicing cost actually appears small as compared to other areas like the computer industry.


Organ maintenance is more than tuning

Our organ maintenance contract does not end with the tuning, for tuning the pipe section alone will hardly do for an overall efficient maintenance; just take the smaller pipes and especially the mixutres, for example, which get out of tune also with dust collecting at their opening. In this case, tuning alone would actually result in a „deterior-provement“ ! Our qualified staff has been trained to recognize such situations and work with them, i.e. in that particular case not only tune the instrument but rather clean the labium area of the pipes with a fine brush before the tuning of that register can even start.

An organ may also be out of tune just because the weights of the main organ bellows have been shifted or removed. With his routine and experience, an organ builder will immediately detect this failure and can just as quickly solve the problem at no major expense.

Another important task is the examination and adjustment of the key and register sections, if, for example one key does not have sufficient leverage, this will directly influence the wind supply of the pipes, which in the end may out-tune one or several keys.


Here are your advantages in concluding a maintenance contract!

• Lower cost as compared to separate maintenance orders, as you will not pay for any travelling cost.

• We will establish a fixed maintenance cost for your particular organ, i.e. even if on some occasions there might be much more work than on others, you will never pay more than the amount agreed.

• Reliable functioning of your instrument in church service and concerts at all times. Through regular maintenance failures will be discovered and eliminated at an early stage.

• Constant surveillance of the organ’s technical condition. With every servicing, the instrument will be closely inspected. If, e.g. the organ is very dusty and greasy to a point where a thorough cleaning will become necessary, we will notify the church parish in due time. This way, there will be enough time to collect and save the necessary funds and consider such cost in the budget.

• Qualified servicing will preserve the organ value long-term, as any substantial deterioration, through e.g. parasites in the material, excessive dirt, faulty heating of the church interior and much else will be noticed and prevented before it can actually happen.

• A perfectly functioning and artistically optimised instrument will make for a better motivation and higher engagement of the church organist.

• You won’t have to take charge of the tuning and servicing of your organ. We will contact you for a servicing appointment in the „heating-free“ season.