Hugo Mayer Orgelbau GmbH


Mayer-Orgel in Crispinus und Crispinianus LisdorfSt. Pantaleon in Erfstadt-Erp


The Klais organ in Erp has experienced a number of reconstructions in its history of over a century. Essential procedures were, of course, the electrification around 1960 with the elimination of the original keyboard table, the change of the wind supply, modification of the pedal section and the elimination of keyboard section II. Even if all these changes meant the loss of original substance, they make for a certain historical value in themselves today. After 50 years, the current inventory now represents a grown structure on which we will base our restoration concept.

The concept of restoration rests on the following corner stones:
• maintaining the electrical/pneumatic keyboard and stop sections
• the pedal section remains in the bottom casing
• the wind supply will be ensured by replacing the blower unit which is currently much too weak.
• reconstruction of a twin fold bellows in the spire chamber.
• restitution of the disposition to its 1901
• incorporation of sensible musical enhancements which will offer a maximum of sound options for its liturgical use and will persistently and optimally expand the romantic disposition.

In a nutshell, the planned measures aim to maintain the positive aspects of the grown substance and replace the faulty parts in an act of restoring its original condition as closely as possible. All that while preserving high quality and respecting the best possible use of the financial resources of the congregation.