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Mayer-Orgel in Crispinus und Crispinianus LisdorfConcept Organ TRIO

The emotion and fantasy of a musician are to be stimulated and developed. Didn‘t you always dream about having your very own pipe organ to play and practice in your own home? Wouldn‘t it be great if your instrument was easy to move so you could use it for e.g. your concert performances?

What has kept you from making that d ream come true - were the available instruments too big, too expensive and finally not really suitable for your purposes?


We have the solution:
Our organ concept 

Traditional - functional - innovative
with fun details

TRIO- Basic Model

1 Register:
tubular bourdon 8‘ in playable in both keyboards 2 keyboards C-g3
Pedal C-f1 attached to the I. keyboard

mechanical slider chest
with precise and sensitive key action
solid organ casing made of smoked oak wood
Wind generator and bellows integrated into the casing

The casing top is easy to remove and transport.