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Mayer-Orgel in AstanaConcert hall organ
of the „National Academy Of Music“
in Astana (Kasachstan)

Stop list

Opus 396
built in 2004/05

Mechanical Key Action
Electrical Stop Action
With Combination System
= 6.144 single combinations
Electrical Coupler System:
4’ III-P, I-P, II-P, III-P, II-I, 4’ I-I,
Casework: oak, stained ruby-re





Mayer-Orgel in GranollersOrgan of Astana, „National Academy of Music“ (Kazakhstan)

Stop list

Opus 405

Year of construction: 2007

Sliderchest with mechanical action
Couplers: II-P, III-P
Case made in French Oak






Mayer-Orgel in GranollersThe new organ for the Luther Church in Berlin-Spandau


The large Protestant church was built from 1895 to 1896 according to the plans of Eugen Fritsche as a three-aisled hall church with three bays. As early as the 1970s, the church proved to be too big for the ever-smaller congregation. After all, it took another 20 years until 1994 - 1997 a project according to the plans and under the leadership of the architect Dr. Dieter Ketterer could be realized: in the two rear yokes of the church 9 apartments, spread over 3 levels, were built. Great importance was attached to maintaining the structural space-defining elements of the church interior. Today's church service area is formed by the chancel and the 3rd church yoke.

The draft of the organ prospect comes from the architect Dr. Dieter Ketterer in collaboration with master organ builder Stephan Mayer. It is a stroke of luck when the architect, who has significantly shaped the current appearance of the church, can help design the organ.

The new organ has 2 manuals with a range of 58 notes each and a pedal with a range of 32 notes. The instrument has 28 register plays, which are divided into 27 sounding registers with separate rows of pipes and a trigger.

The disposition goes back to a sound design by Mr. Michael Reichert. It embodies the sound style of the Alsatian organ reform, which was essentially influenced by the great Dr. Albert Schweitzer was coined. The possibility of interpreting “new music” is also taken into account, in particular by installing an electronic wind throttle.


Stop list

Assembling the organ (First week)

Assembling the organ
(Second week)

Organ intonation


Mayer-Orgel in GranollersOrgan of the church
St. Martin in Dietzenbach

Stop list

Opus 400
Built in 2006

Sliderchests with mechanical action
Couplers: II/I, II/Ped, I/Ped
Combination system with 4.096 combinations on 2 x 32 levels with 1 key switchs
4 x sequence forward and backwards
Case from solid ash oiled, applications ruby stained and oiled




Mayer-Orgel in GranollersOrgan of the church
St. Maria Magdalena
in Dorn-Assenheim

Stop list

Opus 409
Built in 2008

Sliderchest with mechanical action
Mechanical Couplers: II/I, II/Ped, I/Ped
Case made in French Oak
Applications with 24 carat gold foil




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