Hugo Mayer Orgelbau GmbH

This is what Orgelbau Mayer’s Team does to keep you satisfied

• We vouch for the optimum qualification and ample experience of our staff owing to profound instruction and training with all organ systems

• Frequent coaching and education helps to continually further the qualification and experience of our staff

• We encourage a constant exchange of experiences within our staff in frequent and regular project discussions

• A computer programme specially designed for our needs makes it easy for us to respond to your particular wishes and requirements

• We have streamlined and optimised our administration to work as cost-efficiently as possible and avoid any non-essential cost for you

• Our staff is equipped with only top-of-the-line tools – one of the basic pre-requisite for efficient and impeccable work


Organ servicing is a matter of trust

The annual maintenance and tuning of the organ should be carried out by experienced and qualified people only to really meet its intended goal and purpose. Only organ builders trained with all organ systems (pneumatic, electrical and mechanical parts) are really sufficiently skilled and able to duly service and tune an organ within a reasonable time frame.

Check it out: within proper organ servicing a qualified person requires an average of about 30 minutes per register (with the exception of particularly small or large organs). Multiply this „time per register” with the number of registers at your organ and then multiply the total work time with the hourly wage of a technician. You will see for yourself that our organ-servicing contracts really are extraordinarily cost-effective!