Mayer-Orgel in Crispinus und Crispinianus LisdorfSt. Georg in Hentern


Built in 1893
by organ builders
Voltmann of Klausen
Restoration 2004 by
Hugo Mayer Organ Building GmbH

Tract: mechanical
Wind chest: cone chests
Couplers: I–P
Casing: oak front, fir sides

The restoration of the Voltmann organ comprised the following tasks:
Complete cleaning of the entire organ with restoration of the metal and wooden pipes. Elimination of stannuous residue from the metal pipes, reconstruciton of the cork taps at the stopped metal pipes.
 Restitution of the original disposition design, Mixture will be Fifth again and Fifth will be Dolce 8’. The wind pressure is raised by 5 mm to 65 mm Ws, the temperature control is equally tempered, the pitch 443 Hz at 19° C.
Installation of a new keyboard and repair of the entire mechanical keyboard and stop sections. Reconstruction of the easel and the key blocks. Expert reconstruction of the non-matching tract parts.
Careful repair of the organ casing, worm treatment of all wooden parts, the framing of the casing was commissioned and executed on site.