Mayer-Orgel in GranollersConcert hall organ
in the New Philharmony
of Penza, Russland

Stop list

Opus 430
year of construction 2013




Mechanical key and stop action (twin action)
Combined bus system with:
Electronic setting combination with touch screen
operation, USB sticks for personalization and archiving
Mechanical couplers: II-I, III-II, III-P, II-P, I-P
Electrical couplers: III-I, 16’III-I, 16’III-III, III-II
(switchable between electrical and mechanical)
Organ casing: oak, stained and varnished

In January 2012 we began the new construction of this concert organ with symphonic orientation with 47 stops, distributed to 3 manual keyboard and pedal sections. In December 2013 our Opus 416 was then completed in the organ hall of the newly built Philharmonic in Penza. The magnificent organ casing measuring almost 14 m in width and 12 m in height was made of solid oak. The monumental and very extensive carvings and ornaments were virtually designed at the computer and then manufactured from solid oak blanks with special CNC burs in supreme accuracy over the course of many months. Our carpenters deserve extra kudos for manufacturing the complex and huge profiled cornices, the Corinthian pillar halves as well as the remaining organ casing with the curved and half-round organ case fields!