Mayer-Orgel in Junglinster, LuxemburgOrgan of Maria Königin in Obersalbach

Stop list

Baujahr 2008 durch die
Hugo Mayer Orgelbau GmbH

A Symphony of Space, Light and Sound
The unique, new and contemporary church construction of Saarland architects Alt & Britz with the 4 large glass windows of the world renowned glass and light artist Brian Clark was completed in the summer of 2008 with the incorporation of the new Mayer organ. The organ works with mit 33 stop sections, playable on either one of the two keyboards and the pedal is a complete symbiosis of integration into the stern and clear space architecture and the answer to sophisticated acoustics as well as the special requirements which liturgy poses to the church musician.
It is possible to play all stops on I., II. Manual und Pedal
Electrical Data-Bus-System
Combination system with 40.000 combinations
6 x sequence forward and backwards
USB-Sticks as personalized key and write / read memory
4 add. Combinations: P, MF, F, T
1 automatical «Pianopedal »
Design: Architects Alt & Britz, Stephan Mayer