Studio organ Bamberg

III/P/7, built 1987
Full mechanical action
Main swellbox for I. und II. manual
4 Exercise-Pistons
Case: oak, dark stained and varnished
Measures: H 245, D 80, W 240 cm

Additional cost for dismantling and reassembly, Intonation,
Transport at cost contained in the price.

Stop list

1. Manual C-c4
(able to swell)
Rohrflöte 8‘
Kleingedeckt 4‘
Prinzipal 2‘

II. Manual C-c4
(able to swell)
Gedeckt 8‘
Blockflöte 4‘
Larigot 1 1/3‘: ab g°

III. Manual C-c4
Coupled with I. Manual

Pedal C-g1
Subbass    16‘

Couplers: II-I, I-P, II-P

Price (ex location):

Price: 37.500.00 EUR
plus shipping